Day 96 – Thankful for wind chimes and for the Spirit wind ringing out His love

What a beautiful post written by Planted by Living Water!

Praise the LORD from the earth, all great sea creatures and ocean depths, lightning and hail, snow and clouds, powerful wind fulfilling His word, mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars, wild animals and all cattle, crawling creatures and flying birds, kings of the earth and all peoples, princes and all rulers of the earth, young men and maidens, old and young together. Let them praise the name of the LORD, for His name alone is exalted; His splendor is above the earth and the heavens. Psalm 148:7-13


I think that in the past, January is the month where I have just trudged through the month. Christmas is over, and spring is at least 2 months away.

So, this looking for something to be thankful for in January has me reaching a little farther, beyond my normal, beyond my negative feelings about coldness, lack of living color, and the lack of fun things to do or the energy to do them.

I actually welcome snow as something exciting to look at because it covers all the dead-looking plants, the dirt, and the messes! We may get some more snow tonight, and just typing that made a little smile creep onto my face and loosened up the muscles on my brow with hope! Hey, I’m coming out of it just thinking of it!! 🙂

But there is a sound that I love that I have been taking for granted…

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